Has your business got rhythm?

Everything in business has become trickier since algorithms took to the fore. Nowadays, you can’t always pay for the hot spots. Instead, you need to work to impress those ever-elusive algorithms. The trouble is that everyone seems to have different opinions on how to do that.

This seemingly unknown area can cause real problems if you aren’t careful. That’s because algorithms make a difference to everything you do. There is, of course, algorithms at play within near enough every social media platform now. There’s even algo trading out there which determines how viable your business looks to outside investors. You could say that developing rhythm within your company is pretty essential right now.

But, how exactly can you work to please a system which seems to have no real rhyme or reason? By thinking outside of the box, of course. Remember that, while we don’t know precisely what pleases algorithms, we do know for sure what they don’t like. In theory, then, avoiding the following should get your business moving in the right way.


No algorithm favors a business who upload intermittently and with no real schedule. That shouldn’t be surprising when you consider that this is all computer-based. If you upload at odd times, you’re going to fall under that radar. Or, to put it another way; you’ll soon start dancing off beat. YouTubers have found this to be a real problem of late. Those who don’t have any reliable uploading schedule aren’t appearing in subscriber feeds. The algorithm is forgetting about them, and their viewers are doing the same. To increase your chances of getting this right, then, upload at the same time on the same days. And, remember to keep it regular. Remember, too, that this applies to everything from your blog to your social media pages. When it comes to trading, this even applies to things like the days on which you file your income reports.

A lack of relevance

Like SEO, algorithms work off things like keywords. That’s why hashtags have become such focal points in most cases. If you fail to be relevant here, you’ll never get on the rhythm’s right side. Make sure, then, that everything you’re putting out there is relevant to your products and audience. Don’t list a load of hashtags, or blindly try to fit your content to keywords. Instead, think of creative ways to keep every single post as relevant as possible.

Everything’s a little too repetitive
Being repetitive can also let you down here. There are strong suggestions, for instance, that the Instagram algorithm discriminates against accounts which use the same hashtags for every post they upload. A trading algorithm, too, probably won’t highlight you if your profits are always the same. Instead, aim to keep things fresh with everything you do. Switch up your social media posts often to keep your business dancing. Make efforts to see your income rising instead of staying the same. Before you know, your company could be the best dancer going.

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