Infographic: Digital marketing trends for small businesses

This is an infographic created by Serpwatch.

As the new year took off, many small business owners ask, “What is in store for us in 2019?” Since digital marketing is constantly evolving, every year is a new opportunity to accomplish fresh aims and get ahead of the competition.

To achieve this, businesses must pay attention to the latest trends and technologies that currently dominate the digital landscape. The clever minds behind Serpwatch gathered facts and statistics in the detailed infographic below to show what marketers can expect from digital marketing this 2019.

From this data, three trends stand out that can help small business owners revamp and revitalize their marketing strategies to make them even more effective.

Some are not new, but each of them is integral to every marketing strategy.

Mobile Search

There are billions of smartphone users worldwide. This means that many of your potential customers are using mobile phones to search for products and services on the internet. Many of them are frustrated when they encounter websites that don’t display content properly.

Making sure that your website, email campaigns, and landing pages are optimized for mobile use can make a huge difference to your overall customer experience.

Video Marketing

Predictions from marketers put videos in the forefront of the digital strategy. It is said that this form of content will represent 82% of internet traffic by 2021. There is nothing surprising about this considering that videos proved to drive the most engagement on social media and even websites.

Search engines, especially Google, favor videos in search results as well, and sites containing a video thumbnail can expect to double their search traffic.

It is not yet too late to incorporate videos in your content and overall marketing strategy. There are many types of videos that you can leverage for your brand, from educational and informative ones to product demonstrations and behind-the-scenes.

Marketing Automation

Automation is becoming more and more common in marketing, even to small businesses. Not only does this technology save your time and helps cut down on costs but it is also an effective tool that addresses the different aspects of your business. It can even streamline sales and marketing processes.

Today, when the need to implement your strategy across different channels is a necessity, automating your marketing efforts is a godsend. Taking the clients through the entire customer journey and even beyond the buying cycle is made possible with automation tools.

These are only three of the current trends in digital marketing. If you wish to find out more and learn how to leverage them for your business, then the infographic below is just for you.  

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