360 degree social media promotions

Over the past few years, we have really seen digital marketing flourish. This encompasses everything from search engine optimisation to email marketing to social media optimisation. However, nowadays it is not about using these techniques alone. It is all about the integration of them; the 360-degree marketing view. To really benefit from social media you need to be able to see the full picture and you need to be able to use this strategy alongside others as well.

Essentially, the 360 degrees view of the customer encompasses using all of the following in order to generate information and implement your marketing strategy at the same time; content management, experts and wikis, external sources, DBMS, CRM system, support ticketing, email, supply chain and fulfilment, customer feedback, call records, transactional systems and of course social media. By using all data generated you can gain a clearer view and be much more effective in your marketing.

So, let’s move onto social media specifically. How can you integrate this marketing platform in order to use it alongside other methods to reap maximum gains? One of the best tools to use alongside social media is email marketing. When these methods are coupled up you really reap maximum gains. There are various different ways you can integrate the two. This includes the following; promoting email marketing on your blog, including social media icons in your emails, build an email opt-in form on your Facebook, ask email subscribers to share and connect, include a ‘Retweet This’ button in your emails, provide incentives and promote email sign-up via your social network accounts. Both techniques are effective on their own but when you integrate them you enhance the impact dramatically.

In addition to this, you will, of course, your marketing agency will need to integrate social media with your website as well. Choose whatever features you feel are suitable for your website in particular, i.e. a ‘like’ button for Facebook. This aids your marketing campaign as a whole, not just in relation to social media marketing. How? Well, first and foremost, some of these buttons and elements actually improve your search engine optimisation standing. In addition to this, you are also encouraging users to share your content for you, and thus you increase your marketing scope.

Furthermore, there is a wealth of different ways you can integrate social media with other aspects of your marketing campaign. For example, you can fish for referrals. Your social media followers can prove to be extremely beneficial if they refer your business to others. You can also build your customer profile as well. After all, the connections you make via your Twitter account and a like will present you with the data required in order to generate information regarding the type of people who use your business. You can also target journalists via social media in order to boost your public relations strategy as well.

When you consider everything as a whole you see how there are massive benefits to be gained via taking the 360 -degree viewpoint with social media. Incorporate it with other strategies if you really want to reap maximum gain.

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