Your website is central to all your marketing efforts online: Here’s how to make it amazing

Your website is the cornerstone of all your marketing strategies. Therefore you need to make it effective, attractive, and generally all-over amazing. Something you can find out more about doing below.

Keep it simple

One of the best things you can do to make your website amazing is to keep it simple. In fact, website design has very much gone down the minimalist route, and this isn’t just a fashion-based decision.

In fact, by providing a clear delineation and arrangement of titles, text, information and images, you can make your website much more accessible and some simple to navigate and understand. Something that can really help your customers to enjoy their experience of using it, and ensure they you remain the favourite in your field.

Add visuals

No one loves walls of text, and if you expect your customer to read through, no matter how good your product is, you will be sorely disappointed. Of course, this is where images come in, but the pictures on your website need to be so much more than just photos of your product.

In fact, you also need to think about your logo, something likely to be the first thing that visitors, see. Then there are videos and infographics which can be a much more engaging and retaining way of conveying information than just prose. In fact, many businesses find that animation, in particular, can help they get across complex ideas or process to their clients without it seeming patronising.

Lastly, don’t get the value of the photographs that you do choose to use. After all, your basic, boring stock images just won’t cut it. Instead, be sure to use real-life pictures of your employees or premises wherever possible. Oh, and don’t forget that images need to have a theme in terms of colours and subjects running through them too. Something that will help make your website more visually accessible and help to maintain the consistency of your brand as well.

Minimise delays

No one like waiting and when it comes to websites, even the smallest delay can provide the opportunity for potential customers to navigate away, and use a competitor’s site to make their sucrose instead.

Of course, regarding your website, this means that you need to be sure that it is hosted by a reliable company. One that not only scrambles to get your site back up once it’s down but also proactively monitors your IT service to prevent issue escalating to the point where this happens at all.

Additionally, while many customers are now requesting higher levels of security when using a business’s website, it’s also important to remember that they don’t want to have to be made to jump through hoops to do so. This being something that can make the entire user process too long and put them off entirely.

That is why it’s best to find a security product like the one’s Jumio offer. The reason being Jumio is known for providing a seamless customer experience with facial recognition at login. Something that guarantees safety, but is still fast and effective too.

Customise the user experience

Next, if you want to make your website saying one thing you can do is to customize how each individual users see it. Then as they visit they will be given content, offers, products that appeal directly to them. Something that can improve their user experience, as well as make it more effective from the slave side of things as well.

Of course, to do this, you will need to ensure that you have people in your IT department that can handle personalisation of things like landing pages. Be sure to get them to cooperate with your marketing specialists as well, as you will need everyone’s expertise to release the true potential from this type of customisation.

Offer additional support

Not everyone is an IT wizard, and that can mean that at least some of your customers would benefit from some additional help, even when it comes to the more simple things such as navigating to find the information they want or completing a purchase.

With that in mind, your website may benefit significantly from easy ways that your customer base can get into contact with you, and that you can use to offer them additional support.

Of course, the most straightforward method of doing this is to install a chatbot on your site. Something that can deal with basic questions, or refer a customer to a real life person if their needs require it.

It can also be beneficial to include your business social media tags, as well as your phone number and address on every page. Then your business will be easily contactable and able to guide any customer having issues to a successful conclusion, and you will have a truly amazing website to show off.

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