Start-up blues? Don’t worry – here are some great tools

The moment you open a new business is exciting, and often terrifying. What happens if you can’t learn what twitter is for? What about those slow months? What if you can’t manage everything alone?

You’re not alone with those thoughts. Even if some business owners never show it, it passes through everyone’s mind – What if I can’t do this?

Well, the truth is, some days you might not do it. Some days might be really hard, and they might push you to the very edge of your comfort zone, other days you’ll push yourself out of that comfort zone completely. But the downsides of your own business are minute compared to the massive highs. Seeing people talking about your service, or recommending your products is a feeling like no other. However, you should never feel like you don’t have fantastic tools at your disposal that won’t break the bank. And oftentimes, tools can make all the difference.


There are a few options if you just want basic designs that can work on all your social media platforms with ease. Canva has a great free option with premade templates, and they’re all the size you need right away. Perfect for beginners. If, however, you are looking for something a little more hands-on, then the Adobe Creative Cloud photography package has photoshop and Lightroom, plus a few other great programs. For video, you can learn to use iMovie or even use mobile apps like Ripl. The last few come with a small cost, but like most business costs they can be helpful come tax time and are an investment.

File Sharing

There are a few big names in the file-sharing remit, but the truth is they all serve pretty much the same functions. It won’t take long to find good alternatives to wetransfer either. Aside from sending bulky attachment heavy emails, it is generally better that you find a platform you like that can handle bigger files with ease.

Social Media

There is rarely a business or a person that doesn’t use social media ALL the time. It’s great and unless you are using the boosting and adverts totally free. You can engage in conversations, share what you are doing behind the scenes and build a whole community of people who support and are loyal to your brand and product. After all, if they feel like you are easy to access and they can communicate directly you are much more likely to get into their ‘holy grail’ product list.


You can build stunning websites on WIX or WordPress. With many options being totally free, and they come simply packed out with options. Each of them has great wizards and support so that you don’t need to hire a professional just yet if you don’t want to. Wix is more challenging to move from if you build there initially so just be wary of how locked in you want to be. Squarespace is also a brilliant option for beautiful, user-friendly sites too.

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