How it works: A/B testing

At Squirrels&Bears we believe in simplicity and we like to provide clear answers to your questions. In our #howitworks series we focus on simple explanations of various aspects of small business, highlighting the basic facts, what works and what doesn’t. And we hope to make your life a little easier.

The Basics:

  • A/B testing is a marketing experiment where you split your audience to test a number of variations of a campaign
  • The split helps to determine which variation performs better and enables data-informed decisions
  • Testing can include different blog post or webpage titles, different locations, colours, or even anchor text on your call to action
  • Despite the name (A/B testing), you can run it with as many pages as you like and once you have decided what variables are you testing, you can create new versions of the page or email to include in the test


  • Set your objectives and focus on your goal metrics
  • Test one change at the time – you can test more than one for a single web page or email, just make sure you’re testing them one at a time
  • Focus on two or more audiences that are equal for conclusive results
  • Use an A/B testing tool
  • Give it enough time to produce insightful data
  • Take time to analyse the test results
  • Use your results to take relevant action


  • Be afraid to try more advanced testing
  • Limit your test to one marketing channel
  • Ignore the results

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