How it works: Medium

At Squirrels&Bears we believe in simplicity and we like to provide clear answers to your questions. In our #howitworks series we focus on simple explanations of various aspects of small business, highlighting the basic facts, what works and what doesn’t. And we hope to make your life a little easier.

The basics

  • Medium is an online publishing platform also regarded as a blog host
  • The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications
  • Although still a relatively new platform, Medium is quickly growing into a publishing powerhouse, reaching upwards of 30 million views a month
  • While Medium allows anyone to publish pretty much anything, it works hard to guarantee that visitors only see high quality content – they do this through the editorial team that curates content and commissions a small amount of articles and its algorithm that pushes the best content to the top of your feed
  • The Medium algorithm means that the content made most visible is not necessarily the most recent, but it is certainly the best
  • When you join Medium with your Twitter or Facebook account, you get a built-in audience because all of your Twitter followers and Facebook friends who use Medium will automatically become followers of your Medium account. As your Twitter followers and Facebook friends join Medium, they will automatically follow you as well.


  • Build your brand identity by creating a publication for your business
  • Engage with other stories – recommend stories by using the heart icon, leave a public response using the comment icon, share on social media using the share icon, save it to your bookmarks using the bookmark icon or click the three dots for more actions like embedding the story on your website
  • Add mentions of other Medium users in your post so they get notified
  • Import articles and posts you’ve written on other sites to your Medium account using the ‘Import a story’ button
  • Build your following and follow other people
  • Make your content easy to read by adding bullet lists, numbered lists, and subheadings
  • Include quotes, mentions, and embedded social media posts and video in your articles to make them more interesting to your readers
  • Share parts of your story on Twitter with text shots – it can give your stories 3–5X more engagement


  • Use CTAs for self-promotion

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