Inspiring small businesses: No Faux Vegan

In our ‘Inspiring small businesses’ series we share and celebrate great stories from fellow small business owners who started and run their own business. By bringing you closer to these inspiring businesses we hope that you find motivation, tips and ideas for building yours.

Next up, we talked to Jade, founder of No Faux Vegan, the cruelty free accessories and jewellery brand, about the inspiring story behind her business.

What is it that you do?

I am the owner of an online boutique that sells fun, bold and unique accessories and jewellery. I also offer a growing directory which covers a number of subjects from mental health, art, feminism, activism and lots more.

What’s the story behind your business?

I love jewellery and accessories that have a funky and unusual aesthetic. Living a vegan lifestyle I do not wear or sell any animal derived products such as leather. I’m keen to show people that cool accessories can be cruelty free, fun and a little kitsch! I also provide information on my site that covers varying topics as I’m interested in art, cooking and lots more. I didn’t want to have a site that just sold items, I wanted a site that provides uplifting information, showcasing emerging talent and provide information that ultimately helps people. I’m a firm believer in supporting others where I can and I’m always open to helping if someone requires my assistance. I want everyone to succeed and try to spread positivity wherever I go.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was never satisfied working for someone else essentially making someone else’s dreams a reality whilst ignoring my own. I was always questioning what is it I like to do? I had numerous people show interest in some of the items I liked wearing, so thought I’d set up an Etsy shop. That was successful, so the next step was to challenge myself to build a website which I did. I also wanted to add a social aspect to the site that highlighted some issues that resonated with me so in January this year added a directory. On this part of the site I thought it would be a great way to reach out to the community. I wanted to see if people wanted to guest post and I also wanted to showcase my writing and speak about topics that I hadn’t seen on blogs or subjects that were not being conversed about or getting adequate coverage.

What is the most difficult aspect of running your own business?

Being out of my comfort zone and learning things I’d never thought I’d have to like coding, SEO, stock control, finance and marketing. Also being the person that does everything from the ground up – usually a company would hire a team to do all the tasks I have to complete! It’s also lonely running a business alone as you spend a lot of time by yourself and at times you have to be your own cheerleader when doubts creep in. Having to exercise a lot of patience because things do take time and thats been quite difficult to grasp as I like instant gratification.

What is the best thing about running your own business?

Working on my own terms without someone telling me how something’s supposed to be done. No office politics! Learning because with that comes evolution and so far I’ve come to a lot of realisations which has been helpful for myself and my business. I’m really enjoying turning my thoughts and ideas into my reality and the constant quest of turning my weaknesses into strengths – harnessing my energy for the tasks I need to complete to fruition. My only aim is to be the best version of myself, whilst still doing what I can for animals, humanity and the environment whilst staying authentic in my pursuits for myself and my business.

To find out more about No Faux Vegan visit their website or follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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