Review: Tailor Brands, branding tools for small businesses

As a small business, creating a brand that stands out can be overwhelming to start with. Not all of us are tech or design-savvy and more often than not money is tight. Having easy to use and affordable tools can make a big difference – they can make your life easier and guide you through the process so that you get the support you need whilst you are still in control.

Tailor Brands is an all-in-one branding platform, which includes a range of products, from an AI-driven logo maker to a design studio. The site offers a suite of automated branding and design tools that help small businesses build their brand identity from scratch. Ideal for any SME establishing a corporate presence and who want to take branding into their own hands. There are several affordable pricing plans, depending on the complexity of the branding package. Some of the key features include:

Creating a logo

The platform uses AI and machine learning to create a customized logo depending on the business and design preferences. It’s a simple process – users need to enter the name of the business and a little bit about it, and then select the type of the logo they want. Options include icon-based, name-based or initial-based and once you have chosen, the algorithm will show you a few ‘this or that” font options and you will be asked to select the ones you prefer. Once it has a sense of your aesthetic preferences, the logo maker will generate a list of logos for you to choose from in a few seconds and you will see the mock-ups of your logo emblazoned on various products, like business cards, coffee cups, social media headers etc. You can then keep the logo or customise it further.

Resizing your logo

The resize tool helps users to provide a good brand experience to their audience, by allowing you to resize your logo across various platforms while preserving the quality of its design. Within the resize tool, you can find 22 versions of your logo that are pre-sized and optimized for all the main social media and marketing channels.

Watermarking your documents

This tool allows you to brand any document with a transparent image of your logo. It’s a particularly helpful feature for businesses in industries in which you’d want to claim ownership over your work, like photography or design. That said, watermarks are useful in general, because they help businesses look professional on any document used for official purposes. To watermark a document, all you have to do is upload the background image of choice, and then choose one of the six available layout options. Each layout option allows you to configure your logo exactly where you want it on the page.

Creating a seasonal logo

This tool allows you to periodically change your logo according to the season and keep your brand relevant no matter the occasion.  Seasonal logos preserve the main elements of your logo, like its typeface and colours, while adding a holiday touch that keeps it up-to-date.

Designing business cards and letterheads

The business card tool allows you to create business cards and letterheads from one of several formats and layouts. Each available style comes decorated with your logo and tagline. Once complete, each download gives you a folder containing the front and back of your business card, in addition to the letterhead format you chose. As soon as they’re created, you can also order and print your cards.

The range of tools and assets, from branded merchandise, logo files and business presentations to premade designs and a master editor, provide the professional and aesthetic aspects of branding that are instrumental in making a business come to life.

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