Infographic: Email marketing guide for small businesses

This is an infographic created by EveryCloud.

The marketing landscape has become a lot more cluttered over the last decade or so. Digital marketing has opened up a range of exciting new opportunities for marketers. It’s literally never been easier to get your marketing message out there. Unfortunately, yours is not the only voice on the net. Today’s consumers are frazzled because they’re bombarded by marketing messages.

Add in that the digital marketing space also makes it a lot easier for spammers and other cybercriminals, and you’ve also got to add advanced cybersecurity programmes to the noise you have to overcome.

Fortunately, for the savvy marketer, there are ways to cut through the noise. You can make a difference by adopting a more proactive approach. You can rethink your tried and tested favorites like email marketing and update them for the digital age.

In fact, email marketing is a great place to start the cleanout. To help you out in this respect, you’ll see a pretty comprehensive infographic below. It’s a pretty quick read – you’ll only spend about five minutes or so on it. But don’t be fooled, the information you learn is going to have you referring back to it a few times. The creators of the IG took a different approach here. They researched why and how different people respond to emails.

Using this information, they’ve gotten to the heart of what makes an email irresistible. By applying the techniques that they suggest, you’ll be able to improve your click-through rate measurably. Your campaigns may require a little more tweaking to get them perfect, but you should see an improvement from day one.

You’ll learn tips that will:

  • Help improve your clickthrough rate
  • Prevent your emails from landing up in the spam folder
  • Help you improve your subject lines
  • And a whole lot more besides


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