7 efektívnych spôsobov, ako zvýšiť návštevnosť firemného blogu. Pomôžete tak svojmu podnikaniu
December 2018

Spoločnosti, ktoré pravidelne zverejňujú na svojej webstránke blogy, majú vďaka externým linkom z iných stránok a zo sociálnych sietí v priemere o 97 percent viac odkazov na svoju webstránku. Tým nielen zvyšujú svoju návštevnosť, ale tiež zlepšujú pozíciu vo vyhľadávači. 
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Podnikatelia a sociálne siete. 10 dôvodov, prečo by ich mali využívať
November 2018

Napriek všadeprítomnosti sociálnych sietí ich trhový potenciál naďalej rastie nielen s pribúdajúcimi užívateľmi, ale aj s ich zvýšenou aktivitou. Nárast aktívnych užívateľov by mal do roku 2021 dosiahnuť 3,02 bilióna, čo predstavuje tretinu globálnej populácie.
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SME Magazine

Social media 101 for small businesses
September 2018

There is a good reason why so many businesses use social media to market themselves. Because it works. And it doesn’t require a huge amount of your budget, yet still has the ability to help to build your brand and find new business opportunities.
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Business Insider

5 essential business lessons I learned from my 2-year-old
June 2018

It turns out, kids can teach us a lot about being successful in business, and in life. Kids have no fear, an emotion that tends to hold a lot of adults back from going after what they want. The fear of failure shouldn’t stop you from taking risks in your career.
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Digital Marketing Magazine

Measuring the Impact of Social Media Marketing
July 2017

Social media platforms are an extremely effective brand awareness, lead generation and nurturing tool. Businesses of all sizes benefit from using social media as it drives their brand exposure, boosts SEO, represents a global PR tool and helps to monitor industry trends as well as competitors. Read full article

Creating a Marketing Communications Strategy
January 2017

Marketing is not limited to a marketing department or specific people, it’s all the communication associated with your business; and the principles are exactly the same as in any communication – you will be judged on your appearance and actions.
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Better Business Focus

Blogging tips for small businesses
December 2017

Do you ever wonder why so many people blog? Because it works. No matter how small or big your business is, blogging is a great way to get exposure for your business. Blogs showcase your expertise and drive traffic to your website. Read full article

The pros and cons of starting your own business
July 2017

Resigning from your job and starting your own business is a huge decision. You are not only changing your job, your are changing your lifestyle. The new freedom is amazing, but also comes with new responsibilities and pressures you never had to face whilst working for someone else. Read full article

7 things to remember when creating a marketing strategy
February 2016

When setting a marketing strategy, the key is to start at the end goal and work backwards. Your marketing objectives should go hand in hand with your business goals. Here are my tips on how to create a successful strategy. Read full article

Advancement Weekly

Know Purpose of Work to Improve Job Motivation
August 2015

Managers and employees can become demotivated if they lack clearly defined personal and professional goals. A lot of work gets done without the benefit of clearly defined goals and objectives. But, without clarity, it is difficult to know whether the right work is getting done and, without a clear focus on goals and objectives, priorities easily conflict. Read full article


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