Squirrels&Bears is a marketing consultancy helping small businesses and freelancers to look and grow bigger. We are a small business just like yours. We care about your small business just like we care about ours. Your growth is a measure of our success. Working with global organisation, we learnt that small businesses can achieve the same results using smart marketing tactics. We are here to show you how.


Your success is our success. We are here to help you grow, as well as provide you with some practical tips and ideas on marketing strategy and planning, social media, content strategy, SEO, PR, events and email marketing via our blog.
Whether you are looking for full marketing support or help with specific projects, we will work alongside you to achieve your marketing objectives.


Let us know if you are looking for a complimentary consultation or help with your marketing. We are always interested in hearing from partners and contributors, so if you would like to explore how we could help each other, we would love to talk.
Give us a call on +44 (0)7857 150594 or email hello@squirrelsandbears.com